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Yesterdays Vintage Jewelry and Tomorrows Antiques

Yesterdays vintage jewelry will one day become tomorrows antiques, but when is something considered to be 'vintage' or 'antique'? The answer to that question can sometimes vary depending on what type of collectible a person is referring to, but here we'll be talking about jewelry.

'Vintage' generally refers to an item from a specific time era, and generally it's at least 20 years of age, so it would refer to the time period through the 1980s. For example, you might have a vintage necklace, which you know is from 1950, so it could be referred to as a '1950s vintage' necklace. However, 'vintage' is a loosely used term, and it's not always the correct term to use just because something is no longer manufactured, and that may be when the term 'vintage reproduction' would be appropriate.

On the other hand, if the necklace is at least 100 years old, then it could truly be referred to as an 'antique'. There are times when I will refer to an antique piece as vintage, just because I'm so used to using the term vintage - lol. However, if I were to list a true antique jewelry item for sale, I would definitely list it in the 'antique' section since it is an antique.

If a jewelry item is neither 'vintage' or 'antique', but of vintage style then it could be referred to as 'vintage reproduction'. If you're purchasing an item for your personal collection, the terms antique, vintage, and vintage reproduction may not make that much difference to you, but if you plan to sell the item be sure to accurately describe the item as antique, vintage, or vintage reproduction.

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