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Polychrome Art Glass Jewelry

Polychrome art glass jewelry provides a bright and colorful choice for accessorizing an outfit. Polychrome generally refers to when three or more colors are used, and creates a chrome-like appearance. Most likely if you're a person that likes dichroic glass then you would probably also like polychrome jewelry.

This set, which was a demi-parure consisting of earrings and a necklace was interesting, but it did not have a designer or makers mark.

Although I normally love vintage jewelry made of art glass, this polychrome set was in a gold-toned setting, and the colors just didn't suit me, so I sold it on eBay several years ago.

If it had been in the peacock art glass colors and in a silver-toned setting then I may have decided to keep it for my personal collection of vintage jewelry.

An interesting point about some of the polychrome art glass sets is that the glass is sometimes done in a texture, which was the case for this set.

The blue and green tones are set off by the bright pinkish purple and almost give the appearance of a gem.

The colors in this set were so vibrant, it was certainly not for the person who prefers a subtle style of jewelry, but more for those of us who like big and bold!

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