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Vintage Jewelry in Peacock Art Glass

Vintage jewelry made from art glass is one of my favorites! I acquired this demi-parure set with brooch and earrings several years ago, and I love how the colors are so full of life and shimmer. The peacock colors are beautiful, and vintage art glass jewelry is my favorite. Some people go wild over rhinestones, but for me it's the art glass pieces and sets that attract my attention.

This set is unsigned, but the vintage costume jewelry designer Judy Lee comes to mind when I look at how the set is constructed. Signed or not, the vintage art glass jewelry is truly very collectible and becoming more difficult to locate.

The vintage art glass sets that are made from molded glass shaped into leaves or flowers are especially popular, and a must have for any serious collector.

A purchase of vintage art glass jewelry will always enhance your collection, and most likely you'll be able to fetch a nice price for the pieces in the future if you opt to sell the treasure.

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