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A Vintage Belt for Trade

Everyone loves a great thrift store find, but sometimes the vintage bargain you locate at a yard sale or thrift store can cost you more than just the sticker price. A friend of mine recently found a good quality leather belt at a thrift store. He decided to try the leather belt on for size, which fit perfectly so he purchased the belt and returned home.

Days later he discovered he was missing one of his other leather belts. He then recalled his trip to the thrift store and realized when he tried on the belt for size, he removed his own belt and placed it on the stores belt rack, but accidentally left it hanging there!

Realizing it was too late to retrieve his belt, he not only paid the price for the thrift store belt, but he also unknowingly "donated" his other good leather belt - lol. In this case the sticker price for the belt wasn't such a bargain since he unknowingly donated his other belt, but it surely was a good deal for the thrift store, and good humor for those who read and share this humorous story!

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