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Czech Out This Gold Toned Brooch

Down through the ages, many styles of brooches have been viewed as "classic" pieces of jewelry. Although their clasps, pins, and pin hinges have changed as time has gone by, they're still worn on lapels, blouses, used as scarf pins, and more.

In the earlier years up to around 1900, brooch clasps were an open c-clasp design, and thereafter the locks were an added improvement. Another trait of older brooches is the fact that the pins were made longer, and hung out beyond the edge of the brooch setting.

This Czech or Victorian style brooch has bright clear rhinestones, with the exception of a few that have darkened over the years.

The amethyst glass stone in the center has retained it's liveliness, and overall the classic round gold-washed brooch is in excellent condition, especially considering it may be from the late 1800's.

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