Eye Candy

Vintage Jewelry Passion

As your passion for vintage jewelry grows, so will your frustration when you miss out on an opportunity to acquire that special piece or set you had your eyes on. I experienced that frustration first-hand about three
years ago while shopping on eBay.

While attempting to bid, my bid didn't go through, and I missed this unsigned set, which went to the only bidder for less than $15.00! When I contacted the well-known auction site to report my frustration, they informed me it was most likely a cookie-issue or cache challenge, but that of course didn't soothe the pain of losing out on the opportunity to own that wonderful set!

Ugh! I was sick about losing the opportunity to purchase the brooch (with pendant bail) and earrings. Since that time I've never seen another set like this same demi-parure. I also later learned it was probably a Juliana designer set!

Recently, I did acquire a very similar set in a different color-way, but it was also somewhat different than this set. Plus, I really had the desire to find the iridescent black colored set as shown in the photo. Although the demi-parure was not signed by the designer, as I mentioned above, it possibly could have been a Juliana set.
Life goes on when you miss out on the chance to acquire a set like this, but the odds are that the price in the future will be far higher, IF you even find the same vintage jewelry treasure again.

But, don't worry, be happy and continue your search for other vintage jewelry pieces and keep up the passion for the eye candy. Although you may not ever find that special set or jewelry item you once had your eye on, you'll find some other fine treasures along the way.

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