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Vintage Jewelry Boxes by Incolay Stone

Looking for a Vintage Jewelry Box?

There are many styles and sizes to choose from, but a vintage jewelry box will always be a treasure as it sets itself apart from its newer counterparts.

Do you wish to have a vintage jewelry box that will stand the test of time? Selecting a special gift for a loved one or friend? Then consider the option of a vintage jewelry box or trinket chest by Incolay Stone!

Incolay Stone jewelry boxes and trinket chests are durable, easy to clean, and available in a variety of unique styles. Be aware though of the copycat brands that are not Incolay Stone! More about that in a moment, but first let's take a journey into Incolay Stone beginning with a bit of their history, and how Incolay Stone is made...

Where Does Incolay Stone Come From?

Incolay Stone history isn't widely published, but Incolay Stone is a registered trademarked name, and made in the good old USA!

The original company was later bought out. The following information is courtesy of: Michelle Staley author of, "Incolay Boxes, Incolay Trinket Box"...
Incolay (an acronym of “in layers of color”) is made-up of a variety of crushed minerals and the end result is a marble looking substance. The founders, E.M. Bright and his wife, developed the process to create inexpensive cameo-style jewelry beginning in 1966 in their California home. By the early 1970’s they had expanded and included jewelry boxes and a few music boxes to the Incolay line.
So the original Incolay Stone boxes are indeed a vintage treasure. If you're looking to purchase one be sure you look for the registered trademark - in hopes it was preserved with the vintage jewelry box you wish to purchase.

How Genuine Incolay Stone is Made

Incolay Stone was made from a variety of crushed stones or minerals including Onyx, Malachite, Carnelian, Jade, etc. The stone or minerals were crushed and ground into an aggregate, which was added to their coupling agents.
Incolay Stone Material
Image Courtesy of:
Denise Williams - YourPinkGirl! on Etsy

Care of Incolay Stone

Based on the description of how Incolay stone was made, it's much like some of the modern day composites made from crushed stone mixed with resin.

All stone material needs special care, but it's easy to maintain if cleaned properly.

I've read some recommendations to clean with soap and water, however - I would be cautious!

You may wish to test a small area of the Incolay Stone box to determine if your soap will stain it or not.

Although the Incolay Stone is durable there isn't any information to indicate what it's porosity is. All natural stone is porous, which can be permanently stained by some oily substances - even if it was properly sealed.

On the other hand, some composites are non-porous which resists stains. Soap you choose to use could possibly have natural oils that would stain the Incolay Stone.

Citric acid from fruits like lemons and limes can also stain and actually etch natural stone. Some soaps contain acids and oils from citrus! So again, proceed with caution!

You may wish to simply use a durable towel soaked in hot water then wrung out. I was fortunate to find an image of Incolay Stone care instructions.

It does indicate you can use 'soap', and it also states you can seal the stone with mineral oil. But again I would be cautious with the type of soap you may choose to use. At the end of this article there is a short video showing how to clean a stone jewelry box.
Incolay Stone Care Instructions
Image Courtesy of:
Denise Williams - YourPinkGirl! on Etsy

Genuine Incolay Stone, or Not?

Again, this is where the manufacturers label will come in handy so you can determine if the stone box you're purchasing is genuine Incolay Stone.

It's always good though to have more information to help you with identification, and especially if you find a stone jewelry box that has since had the label removed.

Or, it may be a copycat - so buyer beware! The best information my research found was from an Incolay Stone collector. Their article is worth the time to read as it will provide you with greater insight regarding details such as the jewelry box hinges and how they were attached.

Great information to identify genuine Incolay Stone! Have fun as you hunt for vintage jewelry and a vintage Incolay Jewelry Box!

Return again to visit Vintage Jewelry Hunt and bookmark this article as we will be adding images of Incolay Stone jewelry boxes!

Incolay Stone Blue Unicorn Jewelry Box Images
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Incolay Stone Blue Unicorn Jewelry Box
Trademark Label Design
Hinge Design Detail

Incolay Stone Blue Unicorn Jewelry Box
Copyright in Stone Below Hinge

Cleaning a stone jewelry box:
There is a comment regarding this video that the box cleaned in this video is not an Incolay brand box.

Please note the video is being shown not to determine if the box is or is not made by Incolay Stone, but the video is shown to demonstrate how to clean a stone jewelry box or stone trinket box.

Vintage Style Steampunk Jewelry

Are you wondering what "steampunk" jewelry is? Your first clue is that it's not a brand! Steampunk jewelry is inspired by designs and items from the steam era. As an example, you may find some steampunk jewelry for sale, which is made from watch parts combined with fantasy, and science fiction characteristics. The pieces are generally one-of-a-kind, since many are hand crafted masterpieces.

Steampunk works well for creating a vintage jewelry look, and can easily display masculine lines as it is inspired from the steam era. If you're looking for a gift of jewelry with a vintage flair, you may want to consider steampunk!

Watches or parts from watches are often used to create the steampunk look, and it's one of my favorite steampunk styles.

Steampunk watch style - view the remaining image.

Trifari Jewelry Enamel Vintage Floral Beauties

Trifari Jewelry manufactured colorful enameled classic treasures...

And, they're still cherished today. The first Trifari vintage jewelry enameled set shown below bears the Trifari Crown mark used during the 1940's - 1960's era, but the style of the set would lead me to think it is probably from the earlier time during that era rather than closer to the 1960's - just a guess on my behalf because of the design.

Both of these Trifari enameled sets featured in this article, are colorfully pleasing to the eye, and would look wonderful with Spring or Summer attire - that is if you were the lucky bidder to have won these!

I imagine there aren't many of these sets remaining, and especially not in such pristine condition as these, since the enamel would have a tendency to get scratched and or slightly chipped over the years.

Now don't run off now! Be sure to continue reading so you can see the wonderful Trifari Crown enameled jewelry set!

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