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Vintage Watches and Chronographs

One of the most interesting pieces of jewelry for either a woman or a man are watches. Available in a wide variety of styles and decorative details, watches make a timeless gift. Wrist watches, finger watches, brooch watches, stopwatches, and chronographs are all interesting works of engineering due to their moving parts. Regardless of what type of watch is preferred, well maintained vintage watches make a great collectible.

Although most people are familiar with stopwatches, chronograph isn't as familiar of a term. A chronograph combines the functions of a stopwatch and timekeeping. Although they were produced as early as the 18th century, chronographs didn't gain popularity until around 1820.

Vintage chronograph watches in good working condition may be more difficult to find than other types, and if a person wanted a nice one, they would perhaps need to purchase a new chronograph watch.

Chronograph watches are a perfect example of form combined with function, and are enjoyed for many years.

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  1. Helpful post on chronograph watches. Thanks by ibraggiotti.


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