How to Use Broken Vintage Jewelry

Do you have broken necklaces, bracelets, or earrings you can no longer wear? Before you toss those treasures into the trash, consider using them for a new purpose, or to create a new jewelry item. If you don't wish to make use of the items, please don't throw them away, as there are many artistic people who would love the chance to re-purpose those items!

Broken vintage jewelry can be used in endless ways, and here are just a few examples:
  • Use strands of beads for drapery tie-backs, holiday decorations, or to embellish pillows
  • Use earrings to add to a bottle top for decoration
  • Create wine glass hangers so your guests can identify their glass
  • Add to napkin rings to dress them up, and to give your table setting a unique flair
  • Create new necklace pendants, or bracelet charms
  • Use beaded strands to decorate lamp shades and chandeliers
  • Decorate plain perfume bottles to add some interest to your dresser or countertop
  • Save the items for dress-up day for your children or grandchildren
  • Create princess tiara's for your little princess
  • Make crown decorations for your little king
  • Adhere pendants, earring rhinestone clusters etc., to an old jewelry box lid to give it some sparkle
By now I'm sure you have some new inspiration for how to use broken vintage jewelry, and you'll feel much better about giving those treasures new life rather than tossing them away.

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