Vintage 14K Gold Cross Rock Necklace

I'm sure you would agree that there are many different designs of cross pendants and necklaces to choose from, new or vintage, but this 14K yellow gold cross necklace I owned years ago, was truly unique. This is one vintage jewelry item I somewhat regret selling, but I don't wear yellow gold very often so I decided to let it go.

The most interesting point about this cross necklace, is the clear glass bubble inserted into the center, which had what appeared to be a chunk of stone inside. Perhaps a chunk of stone from the Holy Land, or from Jerusalem? That was undetermined, but it was truly unique compared to many other cross necklaces and pendants I've seen.

Since the cross pendant had the appearance of a chunk of stone inside, I referred to it as the "cross rock necklace".

I have many other cross and crucifix pendants in my collection, most of which will go up for sale, but prior to selling them I'll probably share those here too, so if you like crosses and crucifixes, be sure to check back to watch for more in the near future.

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